Sanitec is an Italchimca’s Brand

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SN-WEB-Italchimica-Foto-Azienda 585Italchimica is a chemical that produces detergents for professional use since 1975. The company, with a highly innovative production, has been developed with great success becoming one of the leaders in its field internationally. The experience of Italchimica and growth of the group, has developed and strengthened by the acquisition in 2006 of Professional Detergents branch of the company INDIA one of the most important companies in the professional sector that produced detergents since 1932. Our goal is to make pleasant what so far has been difficult, creating products that meet the needs of consumers, respecting the environment and actually increasing the quality of life and well-being of all. “In a maze of ideas we always find the way to create products that meet our customers.” Constancy and determination in finding the best solutions for the company, led the overall development of the society, so as to be able to create two different divisions completely autonomous, who are dedicated to two distinct sectors, HO.RE.CA and supermarkets.

The line “SANITEC” offers a full range of cleaning products, in response to all the different requirements regarding the cleaning. Our formulations are designed to come in against the diverse needs of cleaning and sanitation in order to reduce cleaning time and optimize the work of employees. The quality standard is guaranteed by the quality system is implemented for the control of blends and packages.[/symple_column][symple_column size=”one-half” position=”last”]




Custom Relationship Management

Respect for the Environment

The Board of Directors of Italchimica Srl Company adopted the "Model of Organisation Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01". This choice was determined by the desire to ensure that the conduct of activities is made pursuant to and in compliance with the rules of sound and proper administration and management, and the rules for the protection of workers' health and safety and environmental protection in order to prevent the commission of offenses provided for by Legislative Decree no. 231/01. The Board of Directors, to complete the Model, has established a Supervisory Board (SB), with the task of supervising the observance and implementation of the Model and its Protocols.


ISO 9001
We have achieved certification to ensure our customers excellence in terms of quality, production processes, services and security
iso 9001

ISO 14001
We are working to get reeds environmental certification to support the development and innovation
iso 14001